Our Team

Care Staff

Carmelo is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with caregivers who do their work out of a place of compassion and respect for our residents. Our staff is highly trained, initially and ongoing.  Our night staff conduct hourly checks on our residents and assist with any restroom and medication needs at night. At Carmelo Park, our caregivers make all the difference for our residents!

Karie Mazerik, Owner/Operator

Karie brings a wealth of experience in Office Administration, AP and Payroll.  She excels at handling our office needs.  Karie can assist our families with billing, long term care insurance policies, and other paperwork needs.  She also enjoys spending time visiting with our residents and staff and making them feel recognized and heard.

Karie Mazerik

Matt Mazerik, Owner/Operator

Matt’s formal background is in teaching and educational administration. Ever the people person, he loves the opportunity to connect with our residents and staff on a personal level, play guitar and sing with them, and sit down to meals together. Matt brings administrative expertise and attention to Carmelo Park, ensuring that the behind-the-scenes work is done well, so that your loved one gets the best care possible. Matt is Carmelo Park’s main Administrator.

Matt Mazerik

Beth Mazerik, Founder

Beth Mazerik founded our company, Songbird Care Homes, in 2010.  She has provided compassionate care to our residents as a Caregiver, Administrator, Activities Director, Chef, Chauffer...you name it and when it comes to serving our residents, she's done it!  Beth is currently overseeing our Activities Program and loves spending time with the residents playing poker, performing music, leading exercise groups, doing crafts and throwing birthday parties.  She's our Director of Fun!

Beth Mazerik

Request More Information

If you would like more information about Carmelo Park and how we lovingly care for our residents, please provide the information below and we will mail you an information packet.

You can also call us at the front office any time during business hours at (831) 375-0665